Stormwater Management

The Village of Kimberly, in an effort to meet the requirements of the Wisconsin DNR NR 151 Storm Water Regulations has developed an in-line Storm Water Detention Pond in Sunset Park.

This pond receives storm water run off, allows the suspended solids to settle in the pond, and then allows the water to discharge into navigable surface water.


The Village recently adopted an Illicit Discharge Ordinance as part of the ongoing requirements to full fill our mandate from the State of Wisconsin to remove water polluting particles from our storm water runoff that enters the Fox River.

This ordinance along with two others, (New Construction Erosion Control and Post Construction Erosion Control) is required to remove unwanted polluting particles from entering the waters of the state, in our case that is the Fox River.

The new ordinance gives the Village more authority to control what is allowed to enter into the storm sewer system. Part of the ordinance regulates illegal business discharges, overflows from sanitary sewers, illegal plumbing connections, illegal dumping of waste materials, and spills associated with roadway accidents and business activity.

There are other parts of the ordinance that affect our residents more closely such as not removing pet waste from Village owned properties. Voluntarily blowing or raking grass clipping unto the street.  Not removing lawn fertilizers from streets and sidewalks after fertilizing, and others.


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