Lawn Care


Pursuant to the Village of Kimberly Code of Ordinances, notice is hereby given to each person who owns, occupies, or controls land in the Village of Kimberly, Outagamie County, State of Wisconsin, to destroy all noxious weeds and to cut or remove the accumulation or growth of weeds, grass, brush, or other rank or offensive vegetation which has grown to a height greater than eight (8) inches.

It will cost a resident a minimum of $75.00 per hour, plus equipment usage.  A minimum of one hour will be charged to cut noxious weeds or grass 8″ or longer.

2022 Notice


When cutting your lawn near the street try to make your first two passes with the discharge chute directed away from the street. Grass can clog up storm sewer catch basins, which doesn’t allow the street to drain properly. Water that drains from the street and into storm sewers ends up in the river, along with all the grass clippings. Grass clippings also hold fertilizer and pesticides that contaminate streams, rivers, and lakes.

The DNR encourages leaving grass clippings on your lawn, as they can act as good nutrients, as well as composting your lawn clippings.

Residents who blow grass clipping into the street are subject to a citation per ordinance 6-2-13.