Verhagen Park Playground Fundraiser

The Village of Kimberly has approved over $90,000 to purchase new playground equipment in 2024 for Verhagen Park. This is in replacement of equipment that has reached well past its lifespan in a park that is directly across the street from Kimberly’s only Elementary School. The playground equipment is scheduled to be installed in Summer of 2024 with an engineered wood fiber play surface (wood chips). This decision was made to invest more dollars into the equipment and provide more play amenities for the budgeted $90,000. The new playground includes a variety of slides, swings for people of all abilities, a ninja ramp, and a “kid powered” game!

As a result, the Village of Kimberly is embarking upon a fundraising campaign to provide poured in place (squishy rubber) play surfacing for underneath the new playground. In order to provide this surfacing throughout the new playground, the village is asking businesses and individuals to support the capital campaign to raise the $75,000 needed to purchase and install the surfacing. All donated dollars will be recognized with signage installed at the park after the playground is installed. Every dollar counts, and every dollar helps.  If interested, check out the fundraising brochure here.  Thank you for your consideration of supporting kids and families in our Kimberly community!