2024 Events, Programs, and Open Space Guide for Kimberly Parks

We continue to add programming in 2024!  For the most up to date program information, check out our Facebook page. Programs are added often, please follow us on Facebook for new programs and special events as well as weather updates/cancellations. 

Click the Parks Guide cover to explore what is coming to Kimberly in 2024! All programs can be viewed and registered for online. Please visit our online portal to register for any recreation program as well as view our calendar for facility rentals and events or purchase your season pass for Sunset Beach before opening day.

As always, we are looking for people interested in instructing new classes!  Have an idea?  Contact the Community Enrichment Director at hfemal@vokimberlywi.gov

Geocaching in Kimberly

Thanks to efforts of Kimberly residents and many other geocache enthusiasts – Village of Kimberly has a very well established geocache system within our municipal boundaries.

Geocaching is a family friendly “treasure hunt” type game in which containers, called caches, of any size, shape, or creative design are hidden by geocachers all over the world for other geocachers to find using gps coordinates. A description of the hidden cache and gps coordinates, or a puzzle to figure out the coordinates, is posted online at geocaching.com after being approved by the property owner, government or park authority and then by a geocaching reviewer. There are several safety and general rules for hiding a cache.

Once the cache is published, geocachers then find it, sign their geocaching nickname on a log sheet enclosed in the container, and log the find online telling their story of the hunt and find.

Some caches contain “swag” (small mementos, kids’ toys, etc. that a cacher finding it may take and replace with other swag. Many caches celebrate natural and man-made wonders, historical figures, and iconic buildings, structures and businesses.

Geocachers are very environmentally conscious and practice CITO (Cache In Trash Out) by picking up trash and garbage they spot at cache locations. Cachers often hold events where they meet to pick up trash at a large park or a group of smaller parks.

Anyone can go to geocaching.com and play for free. Premium members, who pay annual dues, get extra benefits. Almost three million caches are hidden in the world and in space.


There are approximately 1000 caches hidden within ten miles of Kimberly. Kimberly currently holds 30 diverse caches in various locations. Most of the parks have at least one and Sunset Park has several. Going to geocaching.com and putting Kimberly, WI in the search box will bring up a map of the cache locations. Some caches, called unknown caches, show a fake location (e.g. in the middle of the Fox River) because a cacher has to solve some sort of puzzle to figure out the real location. One series of caches celebrates the history of Kimberly.  Thanks to Steve and Kathy Hermes for putting these together! Looking for Kimberly caches? Try these:

A Twister

Kimberly A Cold Case

Kimberly Roll with the Times

Kimberly Sunset

Kimberly What do you see at KC?

Letters and Numbers