Kimberly Amphitheater

To reserve please call the Park & Recreation Office at (920) 788-7507 or stop by 426 W. Kimberly Ave. at the Parks and Street Department

The Kimberly Amphitheater, located at 800 W. Kimberly Ave., is a cultural arts facility developed to provide expanded opportunities for programs, presentations, concerts, festivals, church services, and wedding ceremonies.

The Kimberly Amphitheater is owned by the Village of Kimberly, with the operation of the facility under the direction of the Community Enrichment Director in conjunction with the Kimberly Amphitheater Board of Directors.

Sunday at the Amphitheater Concert Series

A Sunday evening series of programs coordinated by the Kimberly Amphitheater Board of Directors.  The programs will begin at 6:30 PM, and are offered free of charge.  Come join in for raffle prizes and an evening filled with entertainment! The Sunday at the Amphitheater series will also be hosting the 3rd of July band entertainment this summer on the 3rd of July starting at 6:30 p.m. See you at the park!

Concert dates and details are also available on the Village of Kimberly Facebook page

Amphitheater Rental Policy

Amphitheater Rental Fees

Phillips Fund for the Kimberly Amphitheater

Robert and Shirley Phillips have created an open designated endowment fund for the Kimberly Amphitheater with the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region.

This fund has been established to support Kimberly Amphitheater maintenance, care taking, improvements, and replacement.  Distributions are to be advised by Kimberly Amphitheater, Inc. Other donors who wish to support the program are encouraged to contribute to this fund.

Contributions to this fund may be made by contacting the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region at 920-830-1290.