Yard Waste Drop-off Site

The Street Department has constructed a Yard Waste Drop-Off Site at the Street Department, 426 W. Kimberly Ave., and is to be accessed by using the W. Maes Avenue entrance. This site will be open 6:30 am to 8 pm daily, including weekends and holidays.

Permit Required: Use of the site is limited to Village residents after securing an annual Yard Waste Drop-Off Site Permit for a nominal fee of $5. Permits may be obtained at the Village Municipal Complex at 515 W. Kimberly Avenue or the Street Department at 426 W. Kimberly Avenue. Residents will need to complete the application and provide proof of residency with a current driver license, tax bill, or utility bill. Permits will be valid for 1 year.

Rules: Before completing the application, please review the Yard Waste Drop-Off Site Rules. Use of this site is limited to residents living in households of up to four (4) dwellings. The drop off site cannot be used for depositing waste generated by commercial lawn, landscape, or tree care businesses, by rental property owners except as identified in the rules, or other businesses.

The Rules also identify what materials are allowed to be deposited at this site. Materials accepted at the site include grass trimmings, weeds, leaves, flower & vegetable garden debris, fruits, nuts, and small twigs. Due to space limitations, twigs and brush exceeding ½” in diameter and longer than 18 inches are not accepted. The Village offers a weekly curb-side brush collection program during the growing season for larger woody debris.

Security: The Yard Waste Drop-Off Site is located within a fenced enclosure. The entrance has a gate that opens at the start of the day and closes at the end of the day. If the gate should close before you exit, you can drive to the gate, where a sensor will trigger the gate to open.

Security cameras have been installed to assist Street Department staff to monitor the use and waste deposited at the site.

Help make this site a success.

The success of this service depends on all users following the rules to help control the Village’s operating costs. If you observe wrongful use, please contact the Street Department with your observations at 920-788-7507 or streets@vokimberlywi.gov

Yard Waste Drop Off Site Permit Application

Yard Waste Drop Off Site Rules

Yard Waste Site Map