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515 W. Kimberly Ave. 
Kimberly, WI  54136
Office:   (920) 788-7500

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Water, Sewer and Storm Water Rates

Water $3.82/1,000 gallons (first 50,000 gallons)

Sewer  $7.75/1,000 gallons (summer rate six months)
$8.25/1000 gallons (winter rate six months)

Sewer Service Charge $28.25 quarterly

Water Service Charge $18.00 quarterly (5/8 inch meter)

Storm Water Charge $31.25 quarterly
1 ERU (Equivalent Runoff Unit) Single Family

Water Plant

Water Superintendent:   Jerry Verstegen
Water Operator:               Sam Schepp
Water Operator:               Phil Martzahl
Plant:                                (920) 841-8098
Water Related Emergencies:  (920) 788-7526

Lawn Watering Ordinance (click here)

Wisconsin Groundwater Facts

Wisconsin has approximately 1.2 quadrillion gallons of groundwater. Over 70% of Wisconsin residents use groundwater as their main source of water. Total Groundwater use in Wisconsin totals about 1,073 million gallons per day. Wisconsin has about 850,000 private wells. Wisconsin has over 12,000 public water systems including over 600 municipal water systems Rainfall over Wisconsin averages 32 inches annually but only 6-10 inches of it soaks in to become groundwater.

Fox Valley Area Groundwater Facts

About 50% of the Fox Cities area population is served by groundwater.

Why Conserve Water?

Village of Kimberly Water Conservation Ordinance.

Arsenic  levels have increased due to declining groundwater levels.

Northeast Wisconsin has declining groundwater levels that are up to 3 feet a year.

Notice:  Kimberly Water Department Customers 2022 Semi-Annual Hydrant Flushing:  

The Kimberly Water Department will be cleaning and flushing water mains from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. beginning September 12th – 15th and September 19th – 22nd. The flushing will remove most of the natural minerals that have settled in the mains such as iron, a harmless-reddish brown mineral that does discolor the water.

If you observe Water Utility Personnel working in your area, refrain from using water or use as little as possible for 45 minutes to ensure that the water has settled in the mains. This will also help prevent any iron from being drawn into your water piping system.

If you do find that your water has become discolored, refrain from using it for an additional 30 minutes. Then draw off the remaining discolored water through the COLD WATER FAUCET ONLY.

Your cooperation during this flushing procedure will benefit all water customers.

Thank you for your help,

Kimberly Water Department